Please see below for details of the Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliff National Nature Reserve: Undercliff BioBlitz 30-7-2011.

Being situated within the Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliff National Nature Reserve, The Undercliff Studio is surrounded by wildlife. The abundance of birds is immediately apparent.


There are the larger, woodland birds – Buzzards, Ravens, Owls – Screech Owls, Barn Owls and Little Owls and the many smaller birds that we see regularly.



Little Owl




There are Greater and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers, Blue tits, Marsh tits, Long Tailed tits and Coal tits.


The mixed woodland encourages many types of bird, some which only visit irregularly and some which stay all year.

Winter visitors include Nuthatches, Tree Creepers, Dunnocks, Gold Finches, Chaffinches, the occasional Black Cap, Wrens and of course Robins.



There are also the free range chickens that will provide fresh eggs for visitors when there is a surplus.




The Undercliff is a ‘Minimum Intervention’ nature reserve which means that there are many areas that are completely inaccessible to people. Consequently it is teeming with wild life.



The Undercliff is well known for its wildlife. We regularly see roe deer, pheasants, foxes, badgers and rabbits.



The Muntjac deer are far more elusive but definitely here.




Hares are often seen in the Spring and we get newts, slow worms and plenty of other native species.


There are many types of butterflies, moths and other insects. In the Spring there are carpets of bluebells, primroses and wild garlic.


Dolphins have been seen in Lyme Bay during August and we have seen the occasional grey seal in Charton Bay.


On the 30th of July 2011 a “Bioblitz” was undertaken in the Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliff National Nature Reserve with a lot of help from the local community, numerous organisations, and many experts. 

Our thanks and gratitude to Tom Sunderland (Natural England) site manager of the National Nature Reserve, Donald Campbell and Mike Lock, Undercliff enthusiasts from the Axe Vale and District Conservation Society, and all the numerous organisations and volunteers for all the organising, financing, recording, transcribing and publishing “Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliff National Nature Reserve: Undercliff BioBlitz 30-7-2011.”  Without all your hard work and enthusiasm this list of 1124 species would not exist.

A BioBlitz involves the identification of as many species as possible in a given area in 24 hours. It was in the summer of 2010 that George Neate suggested to Tom Sunderland, site manager of the National Nature Reserve, the possibility of a BioBlitz. Donald Campbell and Mike Lock, Undercliff enthusiasts from the Axe Vale and District Conservation Society joined George and Tom on the Undercliff BioBlitz Planning Committee. Experts are obviously needed for the identification of members of the more obscure taxonomic groups and because of the inherent instability and potentially dangerous nature of the often overgrown Undercliff, these experts needed local guides. On the 30th July the experienced naturalists were divided into small groups and taken by the guides to selected habitats which included: soft cliff; chalk grassland; cleared scrub; varied woodland; rocky slopes; seashore and Charton Bay. Eventually 1124 species were identified.

A smaller BioBlitz was carried out from the Foundation Heritage Centre in Beer on the same day and another with some of the experts on the Axe Estuary Wetlands on the 31-7-11. With the Undercliff event supported by Devon Seasearch diving in Charton Bay and adding 150 species, it is appropriate that this report is funded by Wildlife 360 degrees around Seaton for the Undercliff is East of that town, the wetland north, Beer west and Charton Bay, part of Lyme Bay is South.


1124 species were identified during the land-based part of the day, and divers added a further 150 marine species. The classification used here largely follows Margulis et al. (1994) and is not totally consistent with that followed for the Seasearch records. Phyla and classes are listed alphabetically.  English names have been included where real names, or names in common use, are available. There are ‘invented’ English names for many groups, such as mosses and liverworts, but these are more often than not straight translations of the Latin names.

Phylum ANNELIDA (worms)
Class Oligochaeta (mainly earthworms)
Allolobophora chlorotica Green worm
Aporrectodea calignosa Grey worm
Aporrectodea longa Black-headed worm
Aporrectodea rosea Rosy-tipped worm
Dendrobaena octaedra Octagonal-tailed worm
Lumbricus rubellus Redhead worm
Octolasion cyaneum Blue-grey worm

Class Polychaeta (bristle-worms – mostly marine)
Bispira volutacornis Double spiral worm
Eupolymnia nebulosa
Lanice conchilega Sand mason worm
Myxicola sarsi
Pomatoceros Keel worms
Sabellaria alveolata Honeycomb worm
Spirorbis spp Spiral worms

Class Arachnida
Agelena labyrinthica
Anyphaena accentuata
Araneus diadematus
Arctosa perita
Cheiracanthium erraticum
Clubiona comta
Clubiona stagnatilis
Dicranopalpus ramosus
Dictyna latens
Drassodes lapidosus
Enoplognatha ovata
Gonatium rubens
Heliophanus flavipes
Hylyphantes graminicola
Leiobunum rotundum
Linyphia triangularis
Marpissa nivoyi
Metellina segmentata
Mymarachne formicaria
Neottiura bimaculata
Pardosa agricola
Pardosa pullata
Philodromus dispar
Pisaura mirabilis
Zygiella atrica

Phalangium opilio

Acalitus stenaspsis gall-forming mite
Aceria cephalonea gall-forming mite
Aceria pseudoplatani gall-forming mite
Cecidophyes rouhollahi gall-forming mite
Dasineura ulmicola gall-forming mite
Eriophyes exilis gall-forming mite
Eriophyes padi gall-forming mite
Eriophyes similis gall-forming mite
Eriophyes tiliae gall-forming mite
Eriophyes viburni gall-forming mite
Putoniella pruni gall-forming mite
Phyllocoptes depressus gall-forming mite
Phyllocoptes goniothorax gall-forming mite
Phytoptus avellanae gall-forming mite

Ixodes ricinus

Class Chilopoda – Centipedes and Millipedes
Blaniulus guttulatus Spotted snake millipede
Brachydesmus superus A flat back millipede
Cylindroiulus caeruleocinctus A snake millipede
Cylindroiulus punctatus A snake millipede
Cylindroiulus sp (C.latestriatus/britannicus) A snake millipede
Glomeris marginata Pill millipede
Julus/Ophyiulus/Leptoiulus A snake millipede
Lithobius forficatus A stone centipede
Lithobius melanops A stone centipede
Lithobius variegatus Variegated centipede
Nanogona polydesmoides False flatback millipede
Ommatoiulus sabulosus A snake millipede
Proteroiulus fuscus A snake millipede
Stigmatogaster subterranea A wire centipede
Tachypodoiulus niger A snake millipede

Class Crustacea (creatures with a hard exoskeleton)
Armadillidium vulgare Common Pill Woodlouse
Asellus aquaticus Waterlouse
Ligia oceanica Sea Slater
Philoscia muscorum Common Striped Woodlouse
Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi Ant Woodlouse
Porcellio scaber Rough Woodlouse
Oniscus asellus Shiny Woodlouse
Triconiscus pusillus Common Pygmy Woodlouse

Architalitrus dorrieni Woodhopper
Gammarus pulex Freshwater shrimp
Jassa falcata? Tubicolous amphipod

Decapods (Crabs etc.)
Carcinus maenas Shore crab
Cancer pagurus Edible crab
Galathea sp Squat lobster
Homarus gammarus Lobster
Inachus dorsettensis/ phalangium Sponge spider crab usually in Snakelock anenmone
Inachus sp Sponge Spider Crab
Macropodia rostata Long-legged Spider Crab
Maja squinado Spiny Spider Crab
Necora puber Velvet Swimming Crab
Pagurus bernhardus Hermit crab
Palemon serratus Common Prawn
Pisidia longicornis Long-clawed Porcelain Crab
Porcellana platycheles Broad-clawed Porcelain Crab
Indet. Mysid Glass Shrimp
Indet. Shrimp

Cirripedia (Barnacles)
Balanus balanus Common Barnacle
Chthamalus stellatus Star Barnacle

Class Insecta
Order Coleoptera (Beetles)
Aphthona herbigrada
Asaphidion pallipes
Bembidion illigeri
Chrysolina menthastri Mint-Leaf Beetle
Coccinella septempuncata Seven-spot Ladybird
Cylinder germanica Cliff Tiger Beetle
Cyphon coarctatus
Dromius linearis
Enochrus sp. [a water beetle]
Gastrophysa viridula Green Dock Beetle
Hermeophaga mercurialis
Malthinus balteatus
Neocrepidodera transversa
Oedemera nobilis
Paederus littoralis
Prasocuris junci
Propylea quattuordecimpunctata 14-spot Ladybird
Rhagonycha fulva
Rhyzobius litura
Subcoccinella vigintiquattuorpunctata 24-spot Ladybird

Order Dermaptera (Earwigs)
Forficula auricularia Common Earwig

Order Dictyoptera (Cockroaches)
Ectobius pallidus

Order Diptera (Flies)
Anthomyza collini Diptera
Anthomyza gracilis Diptera
Anthomyza macra Diptera
Arctoconopa melampodia Diptera
Argyra argyria Diptera
Argyra leucocephala Diptera
Asteia concinna Diptera
Austrolimnophila ochracea Diptera
Beris vallata Diptera
Calamoncosis minima Diptera
Camarota curvipennis Diptera
Campichoeta obscuripennis Diptera
Campichoeta punctum Diptera
Campiglossa malaris Diptera
Campsicnemus curvipes Diptera
Chamaemyia polystigma Diptera
Cheilosia pagana Diptera
Cheilotrichia cinerascens Diptera
Chironomus sp. Diptera (bloodworm)
Chirosia betuleti
Chirosia grossicauda
Chrysogaster solstitialis Diptera
Chrysopilus asiliformis Diptera
Chrysopilus cristatus Diptera
Chrysotoxum bicinctum Diptera
Chrysotus suavis Diptera
Cleigastra apicalis Diptera
Clusiodes albimana Diptera
Coenosia mollicula Diptera
Coremacera marginata Diptera
Craneiobia corni Diptera
Cryptonevra flavitarsis Diptera
Cylindrotoma distinctissima Diptera
Dasineura auritae Diptera (gall midge)
Dasineura nervosa Diptera (gall midge)
Dasineura plicatrix Diptera (gall midge)
Dasineura rosae Diptera (gall midge)
Dasineura ulmaria Diptera (gall midge)
Dasineura urticae Diptera (gall midge)
Dasysyrphus albostriatus Diptera
Diaphorus nigricans Diptera
Diastata adusta Diptera
Diastata nebulosa Diptera
Dithryca guttularis Diptera
Ditrichophora calceata Diptera
Ditrichophora fuscella Diptera
Dolichopus plumipes Diptera
Dolichopus popularis Diptera
Dolichopus ungulatus Diptera
Dryomyza anilis Diptera
Elachiptera diastema Diptera
Elachiptera megaspis Diptera
Elachiptera tuberculifera Diptera
Elgiva cucularia Diptera
Ellipteroides lateralis Diptera
Empis lutea Diptera
Epistrophe grossularia Diptera
Episyrhus balteatus Diptera
Eristalsis arbustorum Diptera
Epistalsis tenax Diptera
Erioptera lutea Diptera
Eupeodes latifasciatus Diptera
Fannia serena Diptera
Fannia sociella Diptera
Ferdinandea cuprea Diptera
Geomyza balachowskyi Diptera
Geomyza nartshukae Diptera
Geomyza subnigra Diptera
Geomyza tripunctata Diptera
Gonomyia abbreviata Diptera
Gonomyia abscondita Diptera
Gonomyia conoviensis Diptera
Gonomyia tenella Diptera
Hartigiola annulipes Diptera
Helina reversio Diptera
Herina germinationis Diptera
Herina longistylata Diptera
Hybos culiciformis Diptera
Hydrellia maura Diptera
Iteomyia capreae Diptera
Iteomyia major Diptera
Limnia paludicola Diptera
Limonia nubeculosa Diptera
Lipsothrix remota Diptera
Lonchoptera bifurcata Diptera
Lonchoptera lutea Diptera
Lonchoptera nitidifrons Diptera
Lordiphosa fenestrarum Diptera
Lyciella decipiens Diptera
Lyciella platycephala Diptera
Lyciella rorida Diptera
Melanostolus melancholicus Diptera
Melanostoma mellinum Diptera
Melanostoma scalare Diptera
Melieria omissa Diptera
Meromyza femorata Diptera
Mesembrina meridiana Noon-day fly
Metasyrphus corollae [a hover-fly]
Micromorphus sp Diptera
Minettia inusta Diptera
Minettia plumicornis Diptera
Minettia rivosa Diptera
Molophilus appendiculatus Diptera
Molophilus bifidus Diptera
Molophilus obscurus Diptera
Morellia simplex Diptera
Myopites inulaedyssentericae Diptera
Nemopoda nitidula Diptera
Nephrotoma cornicina Diptera
Nephrotoma flavipalpis Diptera
Neurigona quadrifasciata Diptera
Norellisoma spinimanum Diptera
Notiphila maculata Diptera
Nyctia halterata Diptera
Opomyza florum Diptera
Opomyza germinationis Diptera
Opomyza petrei Diptera
Oropezella sphenoptera Diptera
Palloptera ustulata Diptera
Paradelphomyia ecalcarata Diptera
Paranthomyza nitida Diptera
Parydra coarctata Diptera
Peplomyza litura Diptera
Phaonia pallida Diptera
Phegomyia fagicola Diptera
Pherbellia albocostata Diptera
Pherbellia cinerella Diptera
Phytomyza ilicis Holly Leaf Miner
Platycephala umbraculata Diptera
Platycheirus albimanus Diptera
Platycheirus clypeatus Diptera
Platypalpus albiseta Diptera
Platypalpus annulipes Diptera
Platypalpus articulatus Diptera
Platypalpus optivus Diptera
Platypalpus pallidicornis Diptera
Poecilobothrus nobilitatus Diptera
Psyllopsis fraxini Diptera
Rabdophaga cinerearum/rosaria Diptera
Renocera pallida Diptera
Rhaphium caliginosum Diptera
Rhinophora lepida Diptera
Sapromyza albiceps Diptera
Sapromyza basalis Diptera
Sapromyza opaca Diptera
Scaptomyza flava Diptera
Scaptomyza pallida Diptera
Schoenomyza litorella Diptera
Sciapus contristans Diptera
Sciapus platypterus Diptera
Sepsis thoracica Diptera
Sericomyia silentis Diptera
Spegina plumipes Diptera
Sphaerophoria scripta Diptera
Sphenella marginata Diptera
Suillia affinis Diptera
Sybistroma obscurellum Diptera
Sylvicola punctatus Diptera
Sympycnus desoutteri Diptera
Syntormon zelleri Diptera
Syritta pipiens Diptera
Syrphus ribesii Diptera
Tachytrechus notatus Diptera
Terellia tussilaginis Picture-winged fly
Tetanocera elata Diptera
Tetanocera punctifrons Diptera
Teuchophorus simplex Diptera
Thecophora atra Diptera
Themira leachi Diptera
Tipula lateralis Diptera
Tricholauxania praeusta Diptera
Trichopsomyia flavitarsis Diptera
Trioza urticara Diptera
Wachtiella caricis Diptera

Order Hemiptera (Bugs)
Agallia consobrina
Aphrodes bicincta
Aphrophora alni
Arthaldeus striifrons
Batrachomorphus irroratus
Chloriona unicolor
Cicadella viridis
Cixius nervosus
Cixius remotus
Cymus glandicolor
Dolycoris baccarum
Emelyanoviana mollicula
Eupteryx melissae Sage Leafhopper
Euscelis incisus
Evacanthus acuminatus
Evacanthus interruptus
Gerris lacustris Pond Skater
Heterotoma planicornis
Hyledelphax elegantulus
Issus coleoptratus
Legnotus limbosus
Metatropis rufescens
Mocydia crocea
Neophilaenus campestris
Notonecta glauca Back-swimmer, Water Boatman
Paralimnus phragmitis
Pentatoma rufipes Forest Bug
Philaenus spumarius
Phytocoris varipes
Ribautodelphax imitans
Saldula arenicola
Saldula saltatoria
Stenodema laevigata
Zyginidia scutellaris

Order Hymenoptera (Bees, Wasps, Ants)
Apis mellifera Honey Bee
Blennocampa phyllocolpa Sawfly
Bombus jonellus Small Heath Bumblebee
Bombus lapidarius Red-tailed Bumblebee
Bombus rupestris Red-tailed Cuckoo Bee
Bombus pascuorum Comon Carder Bee
Bombus muscorum Moss Carder Bee
Diplolepsis rosae Robin’s Pincushion gall wasp
Dolichovespula norvegica Norwegian wasp
Formica fusca Common Black Ant
Lasius alienus Black Garden Ant
Lasius flavus Yellow Meadow Ant
Melitta leporina [a mining bee]
Pontania bridgmanii [a sawfly]
Vespula germanica German Wasp

Order Lepidoptera (Butterflies)
Aphantopus hyperantus Ringlet
Argynnis paphia Silver-washed Fritillary
Celastrina argiolus Holly Blue
Colias croceus Clouded Yellow
Erynnis tages Dingy Skipper
Inachis io Peacock
Lasiommata megera Wall Brown
Leptidea sinapis Wood White
Maniola jurtina Meadow Brown
Melanargia galathea Marbled White
Ochlodes venata Large Skipper
Pararge aegeria Speckled Wood
Pieris brassicae Large White
Pieris napi Green-veined White
Pieris rapae Small White
Polygonia c-album Comma
Polyommatus icarus Common Blue
Pyronia tithonus Gatekeeper
Thymelicus sylvestris Small Skipper
Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral

Order Lepidoptera (Moths)
Abraxas grossulariata Magpie Moth
Abrostola triplasia Spectacle
Acleris forsskaleana
Acleris hastiana
Acleris variegana Garden Rose Tortrix
Acronicta psi Grey Dagger
Acronicta rumicis Knotgrass
Acronicta tridens Dark Dagger
Adaina microdactyla
Aethes rubigana
Aethes tesserana
Agapeta hamana
Agonopterix heracliana
Agonopterix nervosa
Agonopterix ocellana
Agriphila straminea
Agriphila tristella
Agrotis exclamationis Heart and Dart
Agrotis ipsilon Dark Sword-Grass
Agrotis puta Shuttle Shaped Dart
Alcis jubata Dotted Carpet
Alcis repandata Mottled Beauty
Alucita hexadactyla Twenty-Plume Moth
Amblyptilia punctidactyla
Amphipoea oculea Ear moth
Ancylis badiana
Antispila treitschkiella
Apamea monoglypha Dark Arches
Apamea remissa Dusky Brocade
Apamea scolopacina Slender Brindle
Aproaerema anthyllidella
Archanara geminipuncta Twin-Spotted Wainscot
Argyresthia bonnetella
Aspilapteryx tringipennella
Asthena albulata Small White Wave
Autographa gamma Silver Y
Biston betularia Peppered Moth
Blastobasis lignea
Blastodacna hellerella
Bryotropha terrella
Bupalis piniaria Bordered White
Caloptilia stigmatella
Caloptilia syringella
Camptogramma bilineata Yellow Shell
Caradrina morpheus Mottled Rustic
Cataclysta lemnata Small China-Mark
Catarhoe rubidata Ruddy Carpet
Catoptria falsella
Catoptria pinella
Celypha aurofasciana
Cerapteryx graminis Antler
Chloroclysta truncata Common Marbled Carpet
Chloroclystis v-ata V-Pug
Chrysoteuchia culmella
Cilix glaucata Chinese Character
Cleorodes lichenaria Brussels Lace
Cnephasia stephensiana Grey Tortrix
Cochylidia rupicola
Cochylis hybridella
Coleophora albitarsella
Coleophora lusciniaepennella
Colocasia coryli Nut-Tree Tussock
Cosmia trapezina Dun-Bar
Cosmorhoe ocellata Purple Bar
Craniophora ligustri Coronet
Crocallis elinguaria Scalloped Oak
Croesia forsskaleana
Croesia holmiana
Cyclophora annulata Mocha
Cycylophora ruficiliaria Jersey Mocha
Cydia fagiglandana
Cydia funebrana Plum Fruit Moth
Cydia nigricana Pea Moth
Cydia splendana
Cynaeda dentalis
Deileptenia ribeata Satin Beauty
Dichrorampha acuminatana
Digitivalva pulicariae
Dipleurina lacustrata Eudonia crataegella
Ditula angustiorana Red-Barred Tortrix
Drepana falcataria Pebble Hook-Tip
Ecliptopera silaceata Small Phoenix
Ectropis bistortata Engrailed
Eilema deplana Buff Footman
Eilema griseola Dingy Footman
Eilema lurideola Common Footman
Eligmodonta ziczac Pebble Prominent
Emmetia marginea
Endothenia oblongana
Endothenia ustulana
Epermenia aequidentellus
Epiblema roborana
Epinotia tenerana
Epione repandaria Bordered Beauty
Epirrhoe alternata Common Carpet
Eremobia ochroleuca Dusky Sallow
Eublema parva Small Marbled
Eucosma hohenwartiana
Eudonia delunella
Eudonia mercurella
Eulamprotes atrella
Euleioptilus carphodactyla
Eulithis prunata Phoenix
Eulithis pyraliata Barred Straw
Eupethecia haworthiata Haworth’s Pug
Eupithecia absinthiata Wormwood Pug
Eupithecia centaureata Lime-Speck Pug
Eupithecia expallidata Bleached Pug
Eupithecia haworthiata Haworth’s Pug
Eupithecia inturbata Maple Pug
Eupithecia tripunctaria White-Spotted Pug
Euplagia quadripunctaria Jersey Tiger
Euplexia lucipara Small Angle Shades
Eurrhypara hortulata
Eurrhypara lancealis
Euthrix potatoria Drinker
Euzophera pinguis
Evergestis forficalis Garden Pebble
Fomoria septembrella
Gnophos obscurata Annulet
Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Double-Striped Pug
Habrosyne pyritoides Buff Arches
Hadena bicruris Lychnis
Hemistola chrysoprasaria Small Emerald
Hemithea aestivaria Common Emerald
Herminia grisealis Small Fan-Foot
Herminia tarsipennalis Fan-Foot
Hoplodrina alsines Uncertain
Hoplodrina blanda Rustic
Horisme vitalbata Small Waved Umber
Hydriomena furcata July Highflyer
Hylaea fasciaria Barred Red
Hypena proboscidalis Snout
Idaea aversata Riband Wave
Idaea biselata Small Fan-Footed Wave
Idaea dimidiata Single-Dotted Wave
Infurcitinea agentimaculella
Ipimorpha subtusa Olive
Lacanobia oleracea Bright-Line Brown-Eye
Lampropteryx otregiata Devon Carpet
Lampyris noctiluca Glow-Worm
Laothoe populi Poplar Hawk-Moth
Lasiocampa quercus Oak Eggar
Lasiommata megera Wall
Leioptilus carphodactyla
Ligdia adustata Scorched Carpet
Lithosia quadra Four-Spotted Footman
Lomaspilis marginata Clouded Border
Lomographa temerata Clouded Silver
Lymantria monacha Black Arches
Lyonetia clerkella Apple Leaf Miner
Macaria alternata Sharp-Angled Peacock
Macroglossum stellatarum Humming-Bird Hawk-Moth
Malacosoma neustria Lackey
Mecyna asinalis
Melanthia procellata Pretty Chalk Carpet
Mesapamea didyma Lesser Common Rustic
Mesapamea secalis Common Rustic
Mesoligia furuncula Cloaked Minor
Mesoligia literosa Rosy Minor
Metzneria lappella
Miltochrista miniata Rosy Footman
Mompha terminella
Monopis weaverella
Mythimna ferrago The Clay
Mythimna impura Smoky Wainscot
Noctua comes Lesser Yellow Underwing
Noctua fimbriata Broad-Bordered Yellow Underwing
Noctua janthe Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing
Notodonta ziczac Pebble Prominent
Nudaria mundana Muslin Footman
Nycteola revayana Oak Nycteoline
Ochropleura plecta Flame Shoulder
Oidaematophorus lithodactyla
Oligia versicolor Rufous Minor
Oncocera semirubella
Opisthograptis luteolata Brimstone Moth
Ourapteryx sambucaria Swallow-Tailed Moth
Oxyptilis laetus A migrant plume moth
Pammene aurita
Pandemis corylana Chequered Fruit-Tree Tortrix
Pandemis heparana Dark Fruit-Tree Tortrix
Paraswammerdamia lutarea
Parornix anglicella
Pempelia diluta
Peribatodes rhomboidaria Willow Beauty
Perinephila lancealis
Perizoma affinitata Rivulet
Perizoma alchemillata Small Rivulet
Perizoma bifaciata Barred Rivulet
Phalera bucephala Buff-Tip
Pheosia gnoma Lesser Swallow Prominent
Pheosia tremula Swallow Prominent
Phlogophra meticulosa Angle Shades
Phlyctaenia coronata
Photedes fluxa Mere Wainscot
Phragmatobia fuliginosa Ruby Tiger
Phyllonorycter corylifoliella
Phyllonorycter lantanella
Phyllonorycter maestingella
Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae
Phytometra viridaria Small Purple-Barred
Pleuroptya ruralis Mother Of Pearl
Polia nebulosa Grey Arches
Prays fraxinella Ash Bud Moth
Pterapherapteryx sexalata Small Seraphim
Pterostoma palpina Pale Prominent
Ptilodon capucina Coxcomb Prominent
Ptocheuusa paupella
Pyrausta aurata
Pyrausta cingulata
Pyronia tithonuS
Rivula sericealis Straw Dot
Schrankia taenialis White-line Snout
Schreckensteinia festaliella
Scoliopteryx libatrix Herald
Scoparia subfusca
Scopula imitaria Small Blood-Vein
Scopula marginepunctata Mullein Wave
Scotopteryx bipunctaria cretata Chalk Carpet
Scrobipalpa acuminatella
Scrobipalpula tussilaginis
Scythris grandipennis
Selenia dentaria Early Thorn
Selenia tetralunaria Purple Thorn
Sphinx ligustri Privet Hawk-Moth
Standfussiana lucernea Northern Rustic
Stigmella aurella
Stigmella plagicolella
Stigmella salicis
Stigmella tityrella
Swammerdamia pyrella
Tachycystola acroxantha
Teleiodes vulgella
Thyatira batis Peach Blossom
Trachycera advenella Eurhodope advenella
Trachysmia inopiana
Udea ferrugalis Udea ferrugalis
Xanthorhoe spadicearia Red Twin-Spot Carpet
Xestia triangulum Double Square-Spot
Xestia xanthographa Square-Spot Rustic
Yponomeuta cagnagella Spindle Ermine
Yponomeuta plumbella
Yponomeuta rorrella
Ypsolopha dentella Honeysuckle Moth
Ypsolopha scabrella
Zanclognatha tarsipennalis Fan-foot
Zygaena filipendulae Six-Spot Burnet

Order Neuroptera (Lacewings)
Hemerobius micans

Order Odonata (Dragonflies)
Aeshna cyanea Southern Hawker
Aeshna mixta Migrant Hawker
Cordulegaster boltonii Golden Ringed Dragonfly

Order Orthoptera (Grasshoppers & crickets)
Chorthippus brunneus Field Grasshopper
Chorthippus paralellus Meadow Grasshopper
Conocephalus dorsalis Short-winged Conehead
Gomphocerripus rufus Rufous Grasshopper
Leptophyes punctatissima Speckled Bush-cricket
Myrmelotettix maculatus Mottled Grasshopper
Omocestus viridulus Common Green Grasshopper
Pholidoptera griseoaptera Dark Bush-cricket
Platycleis albopunctata Grey Bush-cricket
Tetrix undulata Common Groundhopper

Order Siphonaptera (Fleas)
Ctenocephalides canis Dog flea

Order Thysanura (Bristletails)
Dilta littoralis A bristle-tail
Petrobius sp. A bristle-tail

Phylum BRYOZOA (Sea-mats)
Alcyonium diaphanum Finger bryozoan
Cellaria spp
Cellepora pumicosa
Chartella papyracea (Some recorded as Securiflustra securiflustra)
Crisia sp
Membraniopra membranacea
Bugula flabellata Spiral bryozoan
Bugula plumosa Spiral bryozoan
Pentepora folicea Potato crisp bryozoan

Class Hexacorallia (Sea Anemones)
Epizoanthus couchii Sandy creeplet
Actinothoe sphyrodeta White striped anemone
Sagartia elegans (nivea) + (venusta) Elegant anemone
Sagartia sp.
Edwardsia sp
Isozoanthus sulcatus Ginger tiny or peppercorn anemone
Cerianthus lloydii Burrowing anemone
Calliactus parasitica Parasitic anemone
Anemonia viridus Snakelock anemone
Aiptasia mutabilis Trumpet anemone
Metridium senile Plumose anemone
Caryophillia smithii Devonshire cup coral

Class Lepolida (Hydroids)
Nermertesia antenina Antenna hydroid
Nermertesia ramose Branched antenna hydroid
Sertularella gayi
Halecium sp
Obelia geniculata sp
Hydralmania falcata

Class Octocorallia (Soft Corals and allies)
Alcyonium digitatum Dead men’s fingers
Eunicella verrucosa Pink seafan
Class Amphibia (Frogs etc.)
Rana temporaria Common Frog
Class Aves (Birds)
Accipiter nisus Sparrowhawk
Aegithalos caudatus Long-tailed Tit
Anthus petrosus Rock Pipit
Ardea cinerea Grey Heron
Buteo buteo Buzzard
Carduelis cannabina Linnet
Carduelis carduelis Goldfinch
Carduelis chloris Greenfinch
Certhia familiaris Treecreeper
Chroicocephalus ridibundus Black-headed Gull
Columba palumbus Woodpigeon
Corvus corax Raven
Corvus corone Crow
Cyanistes caerulea Blue Tit
Delichon urbica House Martin
Emberiza citrinella Yellowhammer
Erithacus rubecula Robin
Falco peregrinus Peregrine
Falco tinnunculus Kestrel
Garrulus glandarius Jay
Haematopus ostralegus Oystercatcher
Hirundo rustica Swallow
Larus argentatus Herring Gull
Larus marinus Great Black-backed Gull
Morus bassanus Gannet
Numenius arquata Curlew
Numenius phaeopus Whimbrel
Parus major Great Tit
Passer domesticus House Sparrow
Periparus ater Coal Tit
Phalacrocorax carbo Cormorant
Phasianus colchicus Pheasant
Phylloscopus collybita Chiffchaff
Phylloscopus trochilus Willow Warbler
Pica pica Magpie
Picus viridis Green Woodpecker
Poecile palustris Marsh Tit
Prunella modularis Dunnock
Puffinus puffinus Manx Shearwater
Pyrrhula pyrrhula Bullfinch
Regulus regulus Goldcrest
Sitta europaea Nuthatch
Strix aluco Tawny Owl
Sylvia atricapilla Blackcap
Sylvia communis Whitethroat
Tringa ochracea Green Sandpiper
Troglodytes troglodytes Wren
Turdus merula Blackbird
Turdus philomelos Song Thrush

Class Elasmobranchii (Cartilaginous Fishes)
Rajiformes Ray/Skate sp.
Scyliorhinus canicula Small Spotted Dogfish

Class Mammalia
Apodemus sylvaticus Wood Mouse
Capreolus capreolus Roe Deer
Meles meles Badger
Muscardinus avellanarius Dormouse
Myodes glareolus Bank vole
Myotis sp. M.brandtii (Brandt’s Bat) or M. mystacinus (Whiskered Bat)
Oryctolagus cuniculus Rabbit
Pipistrellus pipistrellus Pipistrelle
Pipistrellus pygmaeus Soprano Pipistrelle
Plecotus auritus Brown Long-eared Bat
Sciurus carolinensis Grey Squirrel
Vulpes vulpes Fox

Class Reptilia
Anguis fragilis Slow-worm
Lacerta vivipara Common Lizard
Vipera berus Adder

Class Teleostei (Bony Fishes)
Agonus cataphractus Hooknose
Balistes carolinensis Trigger Fish
Callionymus lyra Common Dragonet
Conger conger Conger Eel
Ctenolabrus rupestris Goldsinny
Gobius niger Black Goby
Gobiusculus flavescens Two-spot Goby
Labrus bergylta Ballan Wrasse
Parablennius gattorugine Tompot Blenny
Pomatoschistus Gobies
Sygnathus acus Greater Pipefish
Symphodus melops Corkwing Wrasse
Trisopterus luscus Bib

Class Asteroidea (Starfish)
Asterias rubens Common Starfish

Class Holothuroidea (Sea Cucumbers)
Thyone roscovita Sediment-burrowing Sea Cucumber
Aslia lefevrei Crevice Sea Cucumber

Class Ophiuroidea (Brittle Stars)
Ophiura spp

Class Cephalopoda (Squids, Octopuses)
Sepia officinalis Common Cuttlefish
Class Pelecypoda (Bivalve molluscs)
Aequipecten opercularis Queen Scallop
Pecten maximus King Scallop
Pholas dactylus Common Piddock

Class Gastropoda (Snail-like molluscs)
Aplysia punctata Seahare
Aporrhais pespelecani Pelican’s Foot
Buccinum undatum Common Whelk
Calliostoma zizyphanum Painted Topshell
Crepidula fornicata Slipper limpet
Crimora papillata
Doto tuberculata
Flabellina pedata Violet sea slug
Gibbula cineraria
Gibbula lineata Thick Topshell
Gibbula umbilicus Purple Topshell
Helix aspersa Garden Snail
Henricia reticulata Netted dog-whelk
Littorina littoralis Flat Periwinkle
Littorina littorea Edible Periwinkle
Nucella lapillus Common Dog Whelk
Physa fontinalis Bladder Snail
Pomatias elegans Operculate Snail
Patella vulgaris Common Limpet
Tritonia nilsodheri
Trivia monacha European cowrie
Turitella communis Tower shell

Phylum PHORONIDA (Phoronid Worms)
Phoronis liffocrefia Horseshoe Worm

Phylum PLATYHELMINTHES (Flatworms)
Prostheseraeus vittatus Candy-stripe worm

Phylum PORIFERA (Sponges)
Amphilectus fucorum Shredded Carrot Sponge
Axinella dissimiilis Yellow Staghorn Sponge
Ciocalypta penicillus Tapered Chimney Sponge
Cliona celata Boring Sponge
Dercitus bucklandi Black Tar Sponge
Dysidea fragilis Goosebump Sponge
Guancha lacunosa
Hemimicale columella Crater Sponge
Haliclona oculata
Haliclona viscosa Volcano Sponge
Oscarella lobularis ??
Pachymatisma johnstonia Elephant Hide sponge
Polymastia penicillus Chimney Sponge
Raspalia ramosa Choclate Finger Sponge
Stiligera rigida
Stilligera stuposa
Suberites carnosus
Suberites ficus Sea Orange
Tethya citrina Golf-ball Sponge
Thymosia guernei Mashed Potato Sponge
Plus unidentified orange and grey encrusting sponges

Phylum UROCHORDATA (Sea Squirts)
Botryllus schlosseri Star sea squirt
Phallusia mamillata
Didemnum sp Didemnid tunicate
Corella parallelograma Gas mantle sea squirt
Sidnyum elegans?
Lissoclinum perforatum
Diplosoma spongiforme
Asidiella aspersa Flutes sea squirt
Clavelina lepadiformis Light bulb sea squirt
Polycarpa scuba
Pyura tessellata?
Aplidium punctum
Perophora listeri
Pyura tessellata

Class Bacillariophyta (Diatoms)
Closterium sp. Diatom

Class Bryophyta (Mosses & Liverworts)
Aneura pinguis
Cololejeunea minutissima
Conocephalum conicum
Frullania dilatata
Leiocolea turbinata
Lejeunea lamacerina
Lophocolea bidentata
Lunularia cruciata
Metzgeria furcata
Metzgeria violacea
Pellia endiviifolia
Riccardia chamedryfolia

Amblystegium serpens
Atrichum undulatum
Brachythecium rivulare
Brachythecium rutabulum
Bryum capillare
Bryum dichotomum
Bryum pseudotriquetrum
Calliergonella cuspidata
Cirriphyllum piliferum
Cratoneuron filicinum
Cryphaea heteromalla
Dicranella varia
Dicranum scoparium
Didymodon rigidulus
Didymodon tophaceus
Encalypta streptocarpa
Eurhynchium crassinervium
Eurhynchium striatum
Fissidens dubius
Fissidens taxifolius
Funaria hygrometrica
Homalothecium sericeum
Hypnum cupressiforme
Hypnum resupinatum
Isothecium alopecuroides
Isothecium myosuroides
Kindbergia praelonga
Leptodictyum riparium
Leptodon smithii Prince of Wales Feather Moss
Mnium hornum
Neckera complanata
Neckera pumila
Orthotrichum affine
Orthotrichum diaphanum
Oxyrrhynchium hians
Philonotis fontana
Plagiomnium rostratum
Plagiomnium undulatum
Plagiothecium succulentum
Pohlia melanodon
Pseudoscleropodium purum
Rhynchostegiella pumila
Rhynchostegiella tenella
Rhynchostegium confertum
Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus
Scleropodium purum
Scorpiurium circinatum
Syntrichia laevipila
Thamnobryum alopecuroides
Thamnobryum alopecurum
Ulota bruchii
Ulota crispa
Ulota phyllantha
Zygodon conoideus
Zygodon viridissimus var. viridissimus

Class Chlorophyta (Green Algae)
Enteromorpha intestinalis Gutweed

Class Coniferophyta (Conifers)
Picea abies Norway Spruce
Pinus sylvestris Scots Pine
Thuja plicata Western Red Cedar

Class Filicinophyta (Ferns)
Asplenium adiantum-nigrum Black Spleenwort
Asplenium scolopendrium Harts-tongue Fern
Athyrium felix-femina Lady Fern
Blechnum spicant Hard Fern
Dryopteris dilatata Broad Buckler Fern
Dryopteris felix-mas Male Fern
Phyllitis scolopendrium Hart’s-tongue Fern
Polypodium sp. Polypody
Polystichum setiferum Soft Shield-fern
Pteridium aquilinum Bracken

Class Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants)
Acer campestre Field Maple
Acer pseudoplatanus Sycamore
Achillea millefolium Yarrow
Aesculus hippocastanum Horse Chestnut
Agrimonia eupatoria Agrimony
Agrostis stolonifera Creeping Bent
Alliaria petiolata Garlic mustard
Alnus glutinosa Alder
Anagallis arvensis Scarlet Pimpernel
Anagallis tenella Bog Pimpernel
Angelica sylvestris Wild Angelica
Anisantha sterilis Barren Brome
Anthoxanthum odoratum Sweet Vernal-grass
Anthriscus sylvestris Cow Parsley
Anthyllis vulneraria Kidney Vetch
Apium nodiflorum Fool’s Water-cress
Arbutus sp. Strawberry Tree
Arctium lappa Greater Burdock
Arctium minus Lesser Burdock
Arrhenatherum elatius False Oat-grass
Artemisia absinthium Wormwood
Arum maculatum Cuckoo Pint
Asperula cynanchica Squinancywort
Atriplex prostrata Spear-leaved Orache
Bellis perennis Daisy
Betula pubescens Downy Birch
Blackstonia perfoliata Yellow-wort
Brachypodium pinnatum Tor grass
Brachypodium sylvaticum Wood False-brome
Briza media Quaking Grass
Bromus hordeaceus Soft Brome
Buddleja davidii Butterfly Bush
Calamagrostis epigejos Wood Small-reed
Calystegia silvatica Large Bindweed
Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherd’s Purse
Cardamine flexuosa Wavy Bittercress
Carex divulsa ssp. divulsa Grey Sedge
Carex flacca Glaucous Sedge
Carex nigra Common Sedge
Carex pendula Pendulous Sedge
Carex remota Remote Sedge
Carex sylvatica Wood Sedge
Carlina vulgaris Carline Thistle
Carpinus betulus Hornbeam
Castanea sativa Sweet Chestnut
Catapodium rigidum Fern Grass
Centaurea nigra Common Knapweed
Centaureum erythraea Common Centaury
Cerastium fontanum Common Mouse-ear
Chaerophyllum temulum Rough Chervil
Chrysanthemum parthenium Feverfew
Chrysospenium oppostifolium Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage
Circaea lutetiana Enchanter’s Nightshade
Cirsium acaule Dwarf Thistle
Cirsium arvense Creeping Thistle
Cirsium palustre Marsh Thistle
Cirsium vulgare Spear Thistle
Clematis vitalba Traveller’s Joy
Clinopodium vulgare Wild Basil
Convolvulus arvensis Field Bindweed
Conyza canadensis Canadian Fleabane
Cornus sanguinea Dogwood
Cortaderia selloana Pampas Grass
Corylus avellana Hazel
Cotoneaster sp. Cotoneaster species
Crambe maritima Sea Kale
Crataegus monogyna Hawthorn
Crepis capillaris Smooth Hawk’s-beard
Crepis setosa Bristly Hawk’s-beard
Cymbalaria muralis Ivy leaved toadflax
Dactylis glomerata Cock’s-foot
Dactylorhiza fuchsii Common Spotted Orchid
Dactylorhiza praetermissa Southern Marsh Orchid
Daucus carota Wild Carrot
Digitalis purpurea Foxglove
Dipsacus fullonum Wild Teasel
Echium vulgare Viper’s Bugloss
Eleocharis palustris Common Spike-rush
Epilobium ciliatum American Willowherb
Epilobium hirsutum Great hairy Willowherb
Epilobium montanum Broad-leaved Willowherb
Epilobium parviflorum Hoary Willowherb
Epipactis helleborine Broad-leaved Helleborine
Epipactis palustris Marsh Helleborine
Erigeron acer Blue Fleabane
Euonymus europaeus Spindle
Eupatorium cannabinum Hemp Agrimony
Euphorbia amygdaloides Wood Spurge
Euphorbia lathyrus Caper Spurge
Euphorbia peplus Petty Spurge
Euphrasia officinalis agg. Eyebright
Fagus sylvatica Beech
Fallopia japonica Japanese Knotweed
Festuca arundinacea Tall Fescue
Festuca gigantea Giant Fescue
Festuca rubra Red Fescue
Filipendula ulmaria Meadowsweet
Fragaria vesca Wild Strawberry
Fraxinus excelsior Ash
Galeopsis tetrahit Common Hemp-nettle
Galium aparine Cleavers
Galium mollugo Hedge Bedstraw
Galium verum Lady’s Bedstraw
Gentianella amarella Autumn Gentian
Geranium lucidum Shining Crane’s-bill
Geranium robertianum Herb Robert
Geum urbanum Wood Avens
Glaucium flavum Yellow Horned Poppy
Glechoma hederacea Ground Ivy
Hedera helix Ivy
Heracleum sphondylium Hogweed
Holcus lanatus Yorkshire Fog
Holcus mollis Creeping Soft- grass
Hordeum murinum Wall Barley
Humulus lupulus Hop
Hyacinthoides non-scripta Bluebell
Hypericum androsaemum Tutsan
Hypericum hirsutum Hairy St. John’s-wort
Hypericum humifusum Trailing St John’s-wort
Hypericum maculatum Imperforate St John’s-wort
Hypericum montanum Pale St John’s Wort
Hypericum perforatum Perforate St. John’s-wort
Hypericum tetrapterum Square-stemmed St. John’s-wort
Hypochaeris radicata Cat’s-ear
Ilex aquifolium Holly
Inula conyza Ploughman’s Spikenard
Iris foetidissima Stinking Iris
Juncus conglomeratus Compact Rush
Juncus effusus Soft Rush
Juncus inflexus Hard Rush
Kickxia elatine Sharp-leaved Fluellen
Knautia arvensis Field Scabious
Lamiastrum galeobdolon Yellow Archangel
Lapsana communis Nipplewort
Lathyrus pratensis Meadow Vetchling
Lathyrus sylvestris Narrow-leaved Everlasting Pea
Lemna minor Common Duckweed
Leontodon autumnalis Autumn Hawkbit
Leontodon hispidus Rough Hawkbit
Leontodon saxatilis Lesser Hawkbit
Leucanthemum vulgare Ox-eye Daisy
Ligustrum vulgare Wild Privet
Linaria vulgaris Common Toadflax
Linum catharticum Fairy Flax
Lithospermum officinale Common Gromwell
Lolium perenne Perennial Rye-grass
Lonicera periclymenum Honeysuckle
Lotus corniculatus Bird’s-foot Trefoil
Luzula campestris Field Wood-rush
Lythrum salicaria Purple Loosestrife
Malus sylvestris Crab Apple
Medicago lupulina Black Medick
Melica uniflora Wood Melick
Melilotus altissimus Tall Melilot
Mentha aquatica Water Mint
Mercurialis perennis Dog’s Mercury
Mespilus germanica Medlar
Myosotis arvensis Field Forget-me-not
Ocimum micranthum Wild Basil
Odontites verna Red Bartsia
Ononis repens Common Restharrow
Origanum vulgare Marjoram
Orobanche hederae Ivy Broomrape
Persicaria maculosa Redshank
Phragmites communis Common Reed
Picris echioides Bristly Ox-tongue
Picris hieracioides Hawkweed Ox-tongue
Pilosella officinarum Mouse-ear Hawkweed
Plantago coronopus Buckshorn plantain
Plantago lanceolata Ribwort Plantain
Plantago major Greater Plantain
Plantago media Hoary Plantain
Poa annua Annual Meadow-grass
Poa trivialis Rough Meadow-grass
Polygala calcarea Chalk Millkwort
Polygala vulgaris Common milkwort
Polygonum aviculare Common Knotgrass
Populus tremula Aspen
Potamogeton natans Broad-leaved Pondweed
Potentilla reptans Creeping Cinquefoil
Primula vulgaris Primrose
Prunella vulgaris Self-heal
Prunus laurocerasus Laurel
Prunus spinosa Blackthorn
Pseudofumaria lutea Yellow Corydalis
Pulicaria dysenterica Fleabane
Quercus cerris Turkey Oak
Quercus ilex Holm Oak
Quercus robur Pedunculate Oak
Ranunculus acris Meadow Buttercup
Ranunculus repens Creeping Buttercup
Raphanus raphanistrum Wild Radish
Rhinanthus minor Yellow-rattle
Rhododendron Xsuperponticum Hybrid Rhododendron
Rosa canina Dog-rose
Rosa rubiginosa Sweet Briar
Rubia peregrina Wild Madder
Rubus fruticosus Bramble
Rumex acetosa Sorrel
Rumex obtusifolius Broad-leaved Dock
Rumex sanguineus Wood Dock
Sagina procumbens Pearlwort
Salix aurita Eared Willow
Salix capraea Goat Willow
Salix cinerea agg. Sallow
Sambucus nigra Elder
Samolus valerandi Brookweed
Sanguisorba minor Salad Burnet
Sanicula europaea Sanicle
Scabiosa columbaria Small Scabious
Schoenus nigricans Black Bog-rush
Scrophularia aquatica Water Figwort
Scrophularia sp. Figwort species
Senecio erucifolius Hoary Ragwort
Senecio jacobaea Ragwort
Senecio vulgaris Groundsel
Silene dioica Red Campion
Silene nutans Nottingham Catchfly
Sinapis niger Black Mustard
Sisybrium officinale Hedge Mustard
Solanum dulcamara Woody Nightshade
Sonchus arvensis Perennial Sow-thistle
Sonchus asper Prickly Sow-thistle
Sonchus oleraceus Common Sow-thistle
Sorbus aucuparia Rowan
Stachys sylvatica Hedge Woundwort
Stellaria media Common Chickweed
Stellaria uliginosa Bog Stitchwort
Symphoricarpos albus Snowberry
Tamus communis Black Bryony
Taraxacum agg. Dandelion
Taxus baccata Yew
Teucrium scorodonia Wood Sage
Thymus polytrichus Wild Thyme
Torilis japonica Upright Hedge Parsley
Trifolium campestre Hop Trefoil
Trifolium pratense Red Clover
Trifolium repens White Clover
Tripleurospermum inodorum Scentless Mayweed
Tripleurospermum maritimum Sea Mayweed
Tussilago farfara Colt’s-foot
Typha latifolia Reed-mace
Ulex europaeus Gorse
Ulmus minor Small leaved Lime
Urtica dioica Common Nettle
Verbascum pulverulentum Hoary Mullein
Verbascum thapsus Great Mullein
Veronica chamaedrys Germander Speedwell
Veronica persica Common Field Speedwell
Veronica serpyllifola Thyme leaved Speedwell
Viburnum lantana Wayfaring Tree
Viburnum opulus Guelder-rose
Vicia cracca Tufted Vetch
Vicia hirsuta Hairy Tare
Vicia sativa Common Vetch
Vicia sepium Bush Vetch
Viola hirta Hairy Violet

Class Ochrophyta (Brown Algae)
Ascophyllum nodosum
Desmarestia ligulata Desmarest’s Weed
Dictyopteris polypodioides Netted Wing Weed
Dictyota dichotoma Divided Net Weed
Fucus serratus Serrated Wrack
Fucus vesiculosus Bladder Wrack
Halidrys siliquosa Sea Oak
Sacchorina lattisima (juvenile) Sugar Kelp
Sacchoriza polyschides Furbellows
Sargassum muticum Sargassum Weed
Toania atomaria/Cutleria multifida
Zanardinia typus Penny Weed

Class Rhodophyta (Red Algae)
Acrosorium venulosum
Ahnfeltia plicata/Cordylecladia erecta?
Anotrichium spp Twig Weed
Apoglossum ruscifolium Veined Tongue Weed
Calliblepharis ciliata
Calliblepharis jubata False Eyelash Weed
Callophyllis laciniata Beautiful Fan Weed
Chrondrus crispus Irish Moss
Corallina officinalis Coral Weed
Cryptopleura ramosa
Cystoclonium purpureum Purple Claw weed
Delesseria sanguinea Sea Beech
Dilsea carnosa Red Rags
Grateloupia subpectinata Grateloup’s Fringe Weed
Halopithys incurvus Red Sea Pine
Lithothamnion spp Pink encrusting algae
Palmaria palmata ? Red Dulse
Plocamium sp (cartilagineum) Cock’s comb species
Polyides rotundus Discoid Forked Weed
Scinaia sp

Class Sphenophyta (Horsetails)
Equisetum telmateia Great Horsetail

Kingdom FUNGI

Ganoderma australe Southern Bracket

Daldinia concentrica King Alfred’s Cakes

Mycophytophyta (Lichens) [Note that this term is obsolete because the fungal component of lichens can belong to Basidiomycota or Ascomycota – or other things!]
Amandinea punctata
Anisomeridium biforme
Arthonia radiata
Bacidia laurocerasi
Bacidia phacodes
Bacidia rubella
Bilimbia sabulatorum
Caloplaca cerinella
Caloplaca flavocitrina
Catapyrenium squamulosum
Catillaria lenticularis
Cladonia rangiformis
Clauzadea metzleri
Clauzadea monticola
Cliostomum griffithii
Collema auriforme
Collema crispum
Collema nigrescens
Collema tenax
Enterographa crassa
Evernia prunastri
Flavoparmelia caperata
Flavoparmelia soredians
Fuscidea lightfootii
Graphis elegans
Graphis scripta
Gyalecta truncigena
Hypogymnia physodes
Hypogymnia tubulosa
Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta
Hypotrachyna revoluta
Lecania cyrtella
Lecania neagelii
Lecanora albescens
Lecanora argentata
Lecanora carotora
Lecanora chlarotera
Lecanora expallens
Lecanora persimilis
Lecidelia eliochroma
Lecidella elaeo f sorediata
Lecidella elaeochroma
Leiocolea terminate
Lemmopsis arnoldiana
Leparia lobificans
Leptogium biatorinum
Leptogium gelatinosum
Leptogium lichenoides
Leptogium schraderi
Leptogium teretiusculum
Melanelia exasperatula
Melanelixia subaurifera
Normandina pulchella
Opegrapha atra
Opegrapha herbarum
Opegrapha vulgata
Parmelia sulcata
Parmelina carporrhizans
Parmelina pastilifera
Parmelina perlata
Parmotrema perlata
Pertusaria hymenia
Pertusaria leioplaca
Pertusaria pertusa
Phaeographis dendritica
Pheaophyscia orbicularis
Phlyctis argena
Physcia aipolia
Physcia apyllia
Physcia tenella
Physconia distorta
Placynthium nigrum
Polyblastia cupularis
Porina aenea
Porina chlarotera
Porina leptalea
Porina linearis
Protoblastenia rupestris
Punctelia subrudecta
Pyrenula chorospila
Pyrenula macrocarpa
Pyrrhospora quernia
Ramalina calicaris
Ramalina canariensis
Ramalina farinacea
Ramalina fastigiata
Ramalina fraxinea
Rinodina sophodes
Sarcogyne regularis
Strigula taylorii
Usnea subfloridana
Verrucaria hochsteteri
Verrucaria nigrescens
Weissia sp.
Xanthoria parietina
Xanthoria polycarpa
Verrucaria maura
Verrucaria mucosa

Ciliate protozoa
Stylonychia pustulata/mytilis Ciliate Protozoan
Climacostomum sp Ciliate Protozoan
Condylostoma sp Ciliate Protozoan
Paramecium bursaria Ciliate Protozoan
Loxodes magnus Ciliate Protozoan